At the heart of the Lighthouse Baptist Church youth ministry is this philosophy: young men and young women can serve God.  At Lighthouse, we are less concerned with keeping up with the latest, greatest games and gimmicks as we are with seeing young people saved and serving God in the local church.  Although we always have a good time with every activity, our goal is not just to have fun and keep the attendance up; we are seeking to raise up a generation that will love God supremely and follow His will for their lives.  Our activities reflect that mission, in that we want to help teens grow spiritually as well as serve and spend time with each other.


Each summer our youth group attends the Baptist Youth Camp of the Ozarks at Sagmount Baptist Camp near Joplin, MO.  This is a week of Bible preaching and teaching, talent competitions, sports, and numerous other activities with other Baptist churches of like faith.  Although we believe that God can speak to a young person anywhere and at any time, this concentrated time of preaching, away from the distractions of everyday life, can be very beneficial.


Conferences and rallies
The young people of LBC enjoy a number of conferences and rallies throughout the year, such as College Days at Heartland Baptist Bible College and the Southwest Baptist Youth Conference of the Heartland.

The LBC youth ministry is service-minded, and our young people regularly participate in service projects around the community, whether it’s planting trees or picking up trash along the street or the shore of Arcadia Lake.  We also have monthly outings that are just for fun and fellowship, things like hiking, cook-outs, kayaking, fishing, etc.

Investment Night
Once a month, the youth group takes over the Wednesday night service: young people lead singing, play instruments, greet at the door, make announcements, conduct the prayer meeting, and preach.  This is a time where young men and ladies can minister and gain experience, but it is worth noting that many of them participate in every service, not just Investment Night.

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